Benefits of the slacker lifestyle.

The Woman asks:

Does the slacker life have any real advantages over the more motivated lifestyles?

The slacker lifestyle can be very lucrative and rewarding. When I wake up in the afternoon do you know what I do? Look at myself in the mirror. Why? Not because I’m narcissistic I can assure you. It’s because it’s good to be me. So good in fact that I can only admire my figure and the look of confidence ever present on my face along with the way I get a chubby in the loins.
Everyday when you wake up in the morning, throw on your stuffy business suit, make yourself presentable and grab a coffee to go, how do you feel? Let me guess; like shit. Why? It's because you don’t have time to appreciate yourself. You probably feel like you are taken for granted and you are probably correct in this assumption.
Being a slacker can be very rewarding. If I’m hungry I can walk to the fridge and grab a hot pocket, if I’m tired I go back to sleep, I never have any appointments, I don’t have to be a suck up or a kiss-ass. How does it feel to be motivated? Do you feel good getting up at the crack of dawn to work a 8-12 hour shift at a place you dislike?
The only downside to being a slacker is that I have to wait for holidays to collect on gifts to have any extra cash in my pocket. I spend very little, so $100 can last me a longer amount of time than you would expect. I feel that’s an acceptable trade for peace of mind and freedom to do whatever pleases me whenever I want.