Do you get offended by other slackers?

PetRiLJoe asked me: Do you get offended by other slackers?

It really just depends. Most slackers don’t bother me; in fact we usually become friends because we share a lot of things in common. We all seem to enjoy sleeping, video games, food, and other necessities. We usually have the same taste in movies and other media too, so I usually enjoy my time with other slackers.

On the other hand, occasionally you will come in contact with a slacker that is particularly disgusting slacker. They lack ANY hygiene, tend to be a “one-upper” where they manage to top any story that you have with something more impressive, and tend to be annoying douches. When I come in contact with a person like that, I’ll try to separate myself from them as much as possible or simply embarrass them so that they avoid me. I mentioned one-upping earlier, and I would like to elaborate on that. I might say something like “I beat Guitar Hero 3 in two days”, and they would respond with “I beat Guitar Hero 3 in 12 hours”. Something like that would seem fishy, but you honestly couldn’t say that they are a liar. When someone makes a habit of doing this they are a one-upper and the only recourse that you can take is to lure them into one-upping something that should never be one-upped.

“I did a line of coke off a male prostitutes erect dick”, everyone starts to laugh and you become the center of attention. Most people will catch that you are joking, but the one-upper lacks common sense and social skills.

“Well one time I did ten lines of coke off a male prostitute’s dick and then we had sweaty unprotected sex while using the Lords name in vain.”

Now your job is complete. You allow everyone to mock the one-upping slacker, and maybe you jump in with a catchy nickname that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. “Hey, Holy Cokewhore!”

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January 19, 2009 at 4:56 AM

PetRiLJoe here.

Never read your post reply to my question until today (2009 LOL)

-Joseph L
PetRiLJoe at gmail
myspace dot com slash petriljoe

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