I've returned.

So after a 2-3 month hiatus I have returned to the site that started it all. I'd like to thank some of you for returning to the site despite me being a complete ass and leaving you high and dry. What do you expect from a slacker, that's what I do best? Hopefully some of you will read this on your feeds and stop in and say something.
I have a question for some of you though; Would you like me to keep posting these kinds of topics every time (which will probably make it pretty rarely) or would you rather me post whatever I feel like. I know this is my blog and all, but I don't want to alienate some of the visitors that have stuck through all of this.
I have also taken down all the stupid advertisements. I'm sorry that I put those up in the first place, you won't see those type of links anymore.
We'll it's good to be back.
I'll post some more in the coming days, you can either comment of post in the tagboard as usual. I may get some extra writers on here as well to keep this place more active, so if any of you are interested use the same method as mentioned earlier and just comment on here. I'm off for the night, take care.